Mar. 14th, 2011

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So, last week was probably the busiest I've been since I started this job. Court all day Tuesday, all morning Thursday, and then a training in Austin Friday. At least the training gave me a chance to see Aaron and Dannielle - SXSW meant that hotel rooms were either unavailable or more than I wanted to pay (especially since I was still living off a credit card then), so I crashed at their apartment Thursday and Friday nights. I think I could live in Austin, but it's a little too hipster and self-conscious for me. Like, I admit I have hipster tendencies, but I'm not that bad.

Anyway, this week should not be as bad! And Duke got a (somewhat undeserved) #1 seed and the MLS season starts this week, so I am happy on the sports front, at least.

Other things (I should be in bed already, but I want to update, so, a list):

1. Aaron friend-requested Zach on Facebook. I find this a little odd, since they've not met or spoken. Oh well.

2. Zach and I split the cost of an MLS-games-only season ticket for the Dynamo. Since we both got press credentials, it looks like, we should have a spare ticket to offer at tailgates. And it gives us some kind of priority for tickets in the new stadium in 2012, so yay!

3. How am I not freaked out by planning things for 2012, but scared to death of the family-meeting thing?

4. Talked a little bit with my boss at lunch - now it looks like we'll not be shutting down, but applying for a different, 10-year grant, and using that to expand to a few other counties. Including a couple that are within commuting distance of San Antonio. Fingers crossed that happens, and I can transfer. I really like the work of this job, but just not where I'm living to do it.

5. Curse you, time change.


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