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Busy busy busy. I met with three clients today (supposed to be four, but #3 no-showed), and I'm meeting four more tomorrow. I get Friday and Monday off, but I'm pretty sure I'll need to visit both jails on Monday and then prepare for a suppression hearing or two after that. Thank goodness for this long weekend. It's been since Thanksgiving that I've seen my ginger, and we have big New Year's Eve plans - staying at this fancee hotel and going to Gruene Hall for a show.

In a not-at-all related note, at least two people asked me if I'd gotten engaged over Christmas. This is ridiculous.
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Best thing about going to church with the family: getting to hold babies. And/or make faces at them during slow parts of the service.

Second best: old songs.
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So hey, two weeks without updating LJ, and god knows how long for DW. Nothing has really changed - job still going well and keeping me busy, no word from Dallas. I fly out this evening for Sherman for Christmas. I had today off and slept till 10, but now I'm basically all packed, but I don't want to go to the airport so early, since I'm not leaving till 5:15, and the Corpus airport is tiny and boring and tiny.
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Application ready to mail tomorrow. Resume ready to go, working on the cover letter. Trying to get over feeling selfish or guilty or something for applying to other jobs. But I'm not happy here in Beeville and this would be ideal (and a nice pay raise, too). I wish I'd found the posting earlier, but oh well. I'll have it ready to go tomorrow and cross my fingers. I need to be in a bigger town.
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Zach shaved his head for charity this weekend (and raised nearly $500!). I practiced my nonsense interviewing skills.
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Okay, this is maybe hypocritical of me, because we joke about weddings all the time (especially after seeing Bridesmaids yesterday afternoon), but people asking constantly if we're engaged yet is really annoying. Like, we were at the tailgate and a Twitter friend of ours asked to see my hand first thing. And then asked for an invitation. (Zach said, "you're invited, but we don't know when" or something like that, which is nice, but god, people, give it a rest!) And that's not even counting the other friend who asked Alexi Lalas on Twitter if he would officiate our wedding.

It's dumb, but I feel sort of guilty every time something like that happens. I don't know why, because it's certainly not something I'm prompting people to do or anything. It's not even been a year, and things are so up in the air right now. We're not ready, no matter how much we joke about having laser shows at the wedding or me wearing a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding dress. I'm glad we can joke about those things, but neither of us need the pressure. Ugh, people.

(Also, yes, I saw Bridesmaids again. With Zach and excellent beer. And then last night we watched Who, Game of Thrones, and went out for Sonic at 10:00 pm. What a good day.)
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So, I posted this on Tumblr earlier, but I'm gonna post it here, too. Context: not really any, except that Zach and I keep up a running Gmail conversation throughout the day. And today was a slow day.

Him: Oh, and forget Vegas. We're getting hitched in Los Angeles County! ;) "@alexilalas22: This morning I’m being deputized a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages in Los Angeles County. You may kiss the bride...when I say so."

Me: Worst proposal ever. ;)

Him: Hehehe, yeah lame proposal but a great idea

Me: I don't accept proposals via email. In-person only. (And if he's licensed in California, it probably wouldn't be that hard to get him licensed in Nevada. Especially if we paid for it.)

Him: That's a good point, and I will not propose via email when the time comes ;)

And, y'all. "When the time comes"? What is this I don't even.
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Happy birthday to [personal profile] onlooker!

Also, some days I feel like I am actually good at my job. Today is one of those days. It helps that the judge actually told me I did a good job after court. And my boss told me I did a good job today. So, yay. Maybe I'm actually learning things here (I know I am, but some days it's hard to remember that).
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Two things:

1. Bridesmaids was really good. Sweet and hilarious and Bechdel-passing and I would definitely recommend it.

2. Somehow I managed to sprain my knee or something while getting out of bed to take my contacts out last night. I do not know how this happened, but it's still pretty sore. I iced it for a bit this afternoon and that helped some, but still. Weird.
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So this has been a long week, but a good one, I think. Hopefully I've gotten the dosage of my meds all worked out, and I'm cutting back on caffeine - one mugful of coffee in the morning and then water the rest of the day, basically. The headaches are awful, but I do think it's helping with the anxiety (which tends to be worse in the morning for some reason). I'd like to say I'll cut caffeine out entirely, but not likely. I spent all afternoon visiting clients in two different jails, and I have big plans to take myself to Bridesmaids tomorrow afternoon and then go get my hair done. I'm sort of playing with growing it out, and I like the length now, but it needs a little shaping, I feel. And then next weekend I get to see the ginger again, for the first time since Vegas, so yay!

Also, everyone go find out what My Little Pony you are. I am Twilight Sparkle, and I have been hooked on this show for weeks now. Like, watching it on my iPod before flying to Vegas hooked.
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Final mom update, for a while, I think. But that's good! She got out of the hospital today, went to the specialist in Dallas, and they've decided to just keep an eye on the growth (which is a cyst, it seems, and definitely not cancer). I'm very relieved, obviously. Thanks for all the comments and thoughts/prayers.
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Thanks for the prayers, thoughts, wishes, etc. everyone! I talked to Mom and Dad today, and either I misunderstood or Dad was confused when we talked yesterday, because the problem wasn't in her stomach, but in the pancreas. Basically, a side effect of the testing that Mom had on Thursday is that sometimes the pancreas gets inflamed and develops pancreatitis, and that's what happened here. She's still not getting to eat anything, but she's feeling better and hopefully going home soon (like Tuesday). It's scary, and I had a little breakdown last night on the phone to Zach, but that's what boyfriends are for.

Speaking of. I am really tired of Twitter asking when we're getting married. Like this, but that's just the most recent example. Like. Yes, we love each other, but it's not even been a year yet and we're long-distance, and we're just not ready yet. Zach's handling it well (and yes, I noticed that "yet"), but my god. It'll happen when it's supposed to, which is not now. Dudes need to chill.
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So, my dad emailed at 4:30 this morning to say Mom was in the hospital. I haven't really updated y'all about all her health stuff, but the growths on her pancreas were pre-cancerous. They had another test on Thursday to figure out the location and size and some more details, and she'll probably have surgery in the summer in Dallas.

Apparently what happened that means she's in the hospital is that she wasn't supposed to eat for 24 hours or so for the most recent test (from midnight Wednesday to, I guess, Friday morning). Friday night she started having stomach pain, called the doctor, and they told her to go to the ER, where they admitted her. Dad said it's something with enzymes, and they don't know when she'll be released, but they're not letting her eat anything right now, not even ice chips.

So, I don't know. Thoughts/prayers/whatever are very much appreciated.
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So I have a Kindle, a $50 gift card for the Kindle Store, and a lot of time in airports and lounging poolside ahead of me. Recommend me books? I already know I'm getting Revolution, but beyond that I am paralyzed by choice. Help!
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So tired omg. I'm gonna be in court three days in a row this week, and today's the start of that. Thursday will probably be the worst, because it's the big county court, and the other two attorneys in our office will be out of town for a training in New Orleans (lucky), so it'll be me, Jamie from the Austin office, and Luke, who's waiting on his Texas bar results and therefore cannot sign any paperwork or appear before a court. Also, I think I'm like in charge of stuff, since I'm the only lawyer in the office? I'm giving everyone a raise and shutting down at 3:00 on Friday!

Friday, I get to see Zach. Saturday, we hang out with my family. The Friday after that, it is Vegas time! I'm gonna make it.
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So. I just now figured out that I get an HD On Demand channel. I've been watching Game of Thrones previews for half an hour now. I wish I could justify the cost of HBO to myself, but that's why torrents exist. I should probably reread, but I don't think I have time, and I'm kind of enjoying seeing how long I can go without reading any male authors. So far, so good, at least in 2011.

Work is still going well. Apparently the grant application for expanding our office isn't due until sometime in April, and then I have no idea of when we would hear or not. Or if I'd even be allowed to transfer to San Antonio-ish, but hopefully that'll all work out. This whole long-distance thing basically sucks - like, I had a little crying fit Saturday afternoon (right before we went to the game, great timing!) about it. I mean, the time we get to have together is so good, but it's always temporary. We'll figure it out, I guess. Or break up.
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So far this week hasn't been as bad as last week, but it has been freaking LONG. This is probably because I'm going to Houston this weekend and time seems to slow down the closer we get to a weekend in Houston. Especially the home opener, apparently. I don't know. Long-distance sucks.
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So, last week was probably the busiest I've been since I started this job. Court all day Tuesday, all morning Thursday, and then a training in Austin Friday. At least the training gave me a chance to see Aaron and Dannielle - SXSW meant that hotel rooms were either unavailable or more than I wanted to pay (especially since I was still living off a credit card then), so I crashed at their apartment Thursday and Friday nights. I think I could live in Austin, but it's a little too hipster and self-conscious for me. Like, I admit I have hipster tendencies, but I'm not that bad.

Anyway, this week should not be as bad! And Duke got a (somewhat undeserved) #1 seed and the MLS season starts this week, so I am happy on the sports front, at least.

Other things (I should be in bed already, but I want to update, so, a list):

1. Aaron friend-requested Zach on Facebook. I find this a little odd, since they've not met or spoken. Oh well.

2. Zach and I split the cost of an MLS-games-only season ticket for the Dynamo. Since we both got press credentials, it looks like, we should have a spare ticket to offer at tailgates. And it gives us some kind of priority for tickets in the new stadium in 2012, so yay!

3. How am I not freaked out by planning things for 2012, but scared to death of the family-meeting thing?

4. Talked a little bit with my boss at lunch - now it looks like we'll not be shutting down, but applying for a different, 10-year grant, and using that to expand to a few other counties. Including a couple that are within commuting distance of San Antonio. Fingers crossed that happens, and I can transfer. I really like the work of this job, but just not where I'm living to do it.

5. Curse you, time change.
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Also, for those of you who don't follow me on Tumblr, here's Mike Chabala and Zach at the Dynamo Meet the Team thing on Saturday:

I did the Blingee-work myself! I will never get tired of mocking their bromance.
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Awesome, awesome weekend. The scrimmage and meet-the-team thing was fun (though incredibly windy and therefore cold), Ticketmaster actually came through and we got the tickets, and before the show we met up with [profile] sweetbabylesley and Mark for dinner at Bombay Pizza Co, which I quite enjoyed (and Lesley, if you're reading this, hopefully you did too!).

The Old 97's themselves were very good, as always, but two opening acts? Yikes. The show started at 9 and they didn't get on until 10:45 or so, and the openers were not good enough, to me, to justify the time they took. So I drank double Jack and Cokes. Keeping it classy! But again, like I said, the band we were there to see was excellent. I'm kind of over the whole proposal during "Question" thing (especially since that's never been my favorite song), but they did "Wish the Worst" and "Bel Air" and a Rhett/Ranchero encore, so all is forgiven. Also, Murry has at some point become my favorite. I mean, Rhett Miller is still on my exception list and everything, but. Maybe I'm getting older.

And then this morning we went to brunch with Jordan and Christine and like six other Houston people, and seriously. I have got to figure out a way to move to that town, soon. I know why I'm not there yet, but I need to start getting things in motion to be in Not-Beeville by this time next year. The long-distance thing is a big part of that, but also, I have no non-work friends here (and I wouldn't really call any of my co-workers friends). I mean, even if things don't work out with Zach, I have friends in Houston and actually more of a life there than I do here. (Also, um. On the drive to brunch this morning, Zach said something about "when we're married ..." which he corrected to "if," but. o_O)


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