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Birthdate:Apr 23
Location:Texas, United States of America

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"my boobs are amazing", all talk/no action, alt-country, anglophilia, arrr!, awkwardly placed grass stains, banter, bdr, being right, being sharpie girl, bitter drunk rhett, bnf-dom, boys who wear glasses, bright eyes, bwee, captain!kink, carra! hi carra!, cellos, champions league, commie's boobs, concerts, correct spelling, crazy naked mexican boys, dang, daniel agger's useless corsetry, debauchery (implied), direct flights, divots, dorking out, dorky!cute, dorothy parker, drinking and general whorishness, dropping "g" from gerunds, duke law 2008, e.m. forster, england, eowyn, feminism, feminists do it better, footballers yelling at teammates, franny and zooey, germans are weird, girlcrushes, going overseas, harems, hating chelski, hating everton even more, hating united the most, hawksley workman, homoerotic tension, hot footballers, hugging rock stars, hugpiles, indie rock, internet crushes, ironic fangirling, irony, jeeves and wooster, jeff buckley, joelitae, johnny cash, keeping it platonic, kerfluffles, knitting, law school, leaving cryptic away messages, literature, liverpool fc, lol john terry, meta, michael owen, mix cds, mocking republicans, mr commie, neko case, ninja babies, no depression, ogling athletes, old 97's, overanalyzing the fiver, overextending metaphors, pirates, politics, poooooolling ahp mah paaaaaaaaaans, poor impulse control, post-it notes, premier league, rhett miller, rhettmichaelsean, rockstar boyfriends, sassy hats, saving sarah from denial, scoring own-goals, scotland, self-confidence, set lists, sex amazons, shouty mormons, sid lowe (in spain), smart boys, snark, soccer, soccer boyfriends, spanish liverpool, squee, steve nash, subtext, suck it your-name-here, t.s. eliot, tablecloth shirts, texas, the chaaaaaaaaaaaaampions!, the pretty, the weakerthans, triple two loop, trophysexuals, twang, veronica mars, whiskey sours, wilco, xabi alonso, y'all, y'allternative, yeah that's a mullet, you'll never walk alone,
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